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[ Update: Open Explorer 1.3.0 and 1.4.0 were released, the latest version can be downloaded here. ]

Share a recently developed Eclipse plugin:


The idea is simple.

Assume you are already familiar with “Package Explorer” and “Navigator” view in eclipse, which can help us a lot in viewing the directory structure during development.

But have you had a chance to want to open the directories and files there in the system file browser, say “Windows Explorer”?

I usually do, and I almost repeat the same routine everyday (Right click the directory-> Choose Properties -> Copy the Location-> Open Explorer(e.g. “My Computer”) -> Paste the Location -> Enter), which make me feel boring and silly.

That’s also why I create the plugin. (MyEclipse seems have included that function too, but the bad news is it’s huge and it’s not free)

The plugin makes things easy and quick, just select the directories or files and click the button, and you will get what you want.

Not only save my time, but also let me focus on what I was doing :)

So I shared it with you guys, hope this could also save your time.

The installation is pretty simple.
Download the jar file below, which currently support Eclipse 3.2 and later, both Linux (with nautilus) and Windows.


(Change “openexplorer_100.jar” to “openexplorer_1.0.0.jar”, wordpress seems doesn’t support multiple “.”)

Put it into your Eclipse plugin directory, which is:

Restart Eclipse workbench, and that’s it.
To uninstall, just remove the jar.

Good Luck, and hope it could help.

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41 Comments on "Open Explorer Plugin for Eclipse"

  1. zwj China Google Chrome Windows says:

    very good ,thanks!

  2. Tomy China Internet Explorer Windows says:

    Thanks a lot!!!
    I am looking for it a million times。。

  3. Josh Olson United States Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Thanks! However, this plugin would be 10x nicer if it selected the file in Windows Explorer rather than just opening the folder containing the file. See — this has the opposite problem. Opening a with a folder selected opens the parent folder and selects the folder you had selected, making you have to hit Enter to navigate to where you intended.

  4. Ashok India Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Thanks for a very nice plugin. Will it be possible for you make it open the file when I click on the icon when I’m editing a file (Not just from the package explorer)

    Thanks again for your effort. Appreciated!!!

  5. Ben United Kingdom Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Looks promising..

    Is this compatible with eclipse 3.5.1 on windows xp?

    I see the button but pressing it nothing happens. No errors in the Error View in eclipse.

  6. Ashok India Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Hi Samson,

    Yeah.. Thats right, Current editing file

  7. max Ukraine Google Chrome Windows says:

    Thanks a lot man, exactly what I needed. 3 Thumbs up!

  8. AlexV Australia Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Thank you man, I was looking for it for ages!

  9. cj China Internet Explorer Windows says:

    in CDT(eclipse-cpp-indigo-incubation),cannot use this plugin,why

  10. alimer China Internet Explorer Windows says:

    thank you !

  11. new China Google Chrome Windows says:

    thanks a lots and it’s really useful~

  12. Bastian Germany Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Great minds think alike… seems we had quite the same idea. Check out StartExplorer at for a very similar plug-in. It offers the same option (open Explorer, Nautilus, Konqueror, Mac Finder, …) plus some extra stuff like open shell/cmd.exe and user customizable commands.

    Samson, since our plug-ins have a lot in common, maybe we can merge them into one plug-in and combine our development efforts? I just browsed through your code, a lot of things seemed quite familiar to me :-))

    Would be glad to hear your opinion on this.

    Kind regards


  13. Jacopo Italy Google Chrome Linux says:

    I have a problem with the latest version 1.5.0 with Eclipse Indigo and KDE 4.8.
    It happens when I open a folder (dolphin) and from that folder I open a file: the dolphin window freezes and I have to kill it manually.


  14. canid China Google Chrome Windows says:


    • Samson United States Google Chrome Mac OS says:

      Hi canid, 请问不能对文件夹定位是指文件夹打不开吗,是在哪个view里面的文件夹?

      • canid China Google Chrome Windows says:

        我用的是eclipse for php,是在php explorer 下的文件夹,只能打开文件无法打开文件夹。而且当鼠标位于当前文件时,右键会出现两个open explore图标,不知道是不是与eclipse for php兼容的问题

  15. JackHu China Google Chrome Windows says:

    Nice job!
    How about add key support for this?

  16. dennis United States Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    This is really handy. Thanks.

  17. Leo China Google Chrome Windows says:

    nice job! thanks.

  18. cwalet China Google Chrome Windows says:

    thanks a lot

  19. Soheb United States Google Chrome Windows says:

    Works great with Juno. Thanks :)

  20. mrlu China Google Chrome Windows says:


  21. Polly Google Chrome Ubuntu Linux says:

    Just desite to say your article is aas amazing. The clearness to your submit is just nice and that i can suppose you are an expert in thhis
    subject. Fine together with your permussion allow me to snatch your feed
    to keep uup to date with forthcoming post. Thaank you a million and please
    keep up the rewarding work.

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