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Redmine on Archlinux

This entry will describe a basic installation and configuration of redmine, a flexible and cross-platform project management web application, on an archlinux system.

For the official installation guide, please refer this wiki page.

1. Download the latest stable release of redmine (0.8.4) from rubyforge:

$ wget

2. Install ruby and ruby on rails
(Notes: rails is optional since the redmine official release we download above already include the appropriate rails version (2.1.2) in its vendor directory)

3. Make sure rubygems and rake meet the version requirement of redmine:

gem -v >= 1.3.1
rake --version >= 0.8.3

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Install Ruby on Rails on Archlinux

Here we will install ruby on rails framework on our Archlinux box. For more detail information, please refer this wiki page.

[Install ruby and rubygems]
First we need to install ruby and its package system rubygems:

$ sudo pacman -S ruby rubygems

[Install rails]
Next install rails via rubygems:

$ sudo gem install rails

gem will help us manage all the dependencies and download them automatically.

(Notes: if you execute the above command without being root (e.g. without sudo), gem will install rails in the home directory of the current user. Usually the directory is named after “.gem”, you probably need to manually add rails and rake bin directory to your PATH before you could use them, that may not be what you exactly want.)
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