Install Ubuntu on VirtualBox (Part 3)

Continue from the previous 2 parts:
Install Ubuntu on VirtualBox (Part 1)
Install Ubuntu on VirtualBox (Part 2)

All right, we have finished virtualbox installation and successfully created one virtual machine on it.

Now it’s the time to…

[Install Ubuntu]
Just treat the VM like a real physical machine, what will you do to install an OS on a new gained physical machine? Yeah, that’s right, insert a CD or DVD.

Now let’s do exactly the same thing to our virtual machine.

Right click the VM, select “Settings…”, and you will be greeted with a setting dialog looks like below:

install ubuntu 1

A lot of settings and tweaks for this VM can be done in this dialog, right now we only need to change the “CD/DVD-ROM” setting. Choose the “CD/DVD-ROM” tab and check “Mount CD/DVD Drive”, in order to put an valid iso image file path to “ISO Image File”, click the folder-like button besides it:

install ubuntu 2

“Virtual Media Manager” will be then invoked and it will provide us a way to select the iso image we want to mount:

install ubuntu 3

Click “Add” button on the toolbar, and select the ubuntu iso image file we downloaded before:

install ubuntu 4

“Select” it to return:

install ubuntu 5

All right, we finish inserting the DVD by clicking “OK” and we’re ready to boot. To start the VM, just choose the VM then click the “Start” button on toolbar, or right click the VM then select “Start”.

From now on, everything happens in the VM just like in a normal physical machine.

Select language:

install ubuntu 6

Select “Install Ubuntu”:

install ubuntu 7


install ubuntu 8

Choose language:

install ubuntu 9

Select time zone:

install ubuntu 10

Choose keyboard layout:

install ubuntu 11

Prepare disk space, for simplicity here, we choose “Use the entire disk” to let Ubuntu to auto partition our disk (the virtual disk we created before, still remember? of course you do:)):

install ubuntu 12

Name, password, computer name etc… :

install ubuntu 13

Ready to install, confirmation:

install ubuntu 14

Installing system, partition formatting… :

install ubuntu 15

Installing system, copying files… :

install ubuntu 16

If blocked at “Configuring apt, scanning the mirror…”, click “Devices->Network Adapters->Adapter 1” to temporary disable your network adapter, just like remove the network adapter if we are dealing with real physical machine:):

install ubuntu 17

Installation complete, restart now:

install ubuntu 18

Just provide a chance for you to remove the iso image (remove disk) before reboot:

install ubuntu 19

Reboot, prompt for user name and password:

install ubuntu 20

Boot complete, desktop ready:

install ubuntu 21

Linux installation is more and more simple and elegant nowadays, isn’t it?

[Next step]
1. Ubuntu 9.04 desktop edition official documentation:

2. Linux commands

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