1. Again, Back to Normal -> abnormal

2. 不管normal还是abnormal,牙痛还是牙肿,life还是要goes on,update还要不断,虽然精彩常断……

3. 春节回家亚克西,除夕春晚亚克西,holiday week亚克西,全靠党的政策亚克西;什么亚克西,什么亚克西啊,党中央的政策亚克西

4. 手机号码换了,这里也不怕再啰嗦一遍的…… 至于获得详情的方法这里不再啰嗦,不是什么都可以啰嗦的,看官需要培养好眼力,鄙人则需要锻炼好听力…… 经验和实践同时表明,换号码的成本不小,以后3G慢慢普及,移动TD众望所归杯具了之后,应该已经可以携号转网了吧,我可不想再折腾了……

5. crasher, which means uninvited guest, you don’t like it, i don’t like it, but if some day somehow i happens to be that beastly person, i wish it only resides in computer security category.

6. I like bread because bread TALK but people usually don’t.


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