Grid Archives 0.6.0 released

As promised before, a version (0.6.0) of Grid Archives just got released.

[Change Log in this version:]

  • added settings page in admin
  • added options in settings for user to specify the maximum post title and maximum post content length
  • added options in settings for user to specify the monthly summaries
  • remove .grid_archives_column width property
  • trim monthly summaries before parse



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7 Comments on "Grid Archives 0.6.0 released"

  1. Sunng China Mozilla SeaMonkey Windows says:

    还有个小问题,要定义一下a rel=”nofollow”的样式,否则就沿用主题了,悲剧如图:

  2. Ross Dutton New Zealand Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Hi there, is there going to be a feature where it displays an image from the first post as the background to the archived post? Would make this an absolute killer plugin for me. Maybe the possibility of having it ignore the text and just have a straight more link.

    Less of an archive, but more of a new way to display posts.

    Email me and I can explain what Im trying to do/implement! This plugin shows major promise to me!

    • Ross Dutton New Zealand Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

      Ok, I’ve had a chance to play around properly! Is it possible to make it so you can maybe remove the date from it, and possibly resize the image used automatically?

      Im basically using it as a way of displaying shareware for download direct from my website (only just got that side of things setup and was looking for a simple-ish way to display stuff in a grid).. (extremely WIP- been concentrating on content- its all dummy stuff and the default theme (not moved my one over yet)

      As i said, feel free to email me if you can help!

      • Samson China Mozilla Firefox Mac OS says:

        sorry about the late reply, I was super busy these days.

        to remove the date, simply delete line 114 in grid-archives.php (you can search ‘p class=”ga_post_date”‘ in the file)

        . '<p class="ga_post_date">' . mysql2date('j M Y', $post->post_date) . ' </p> '

        to resize the image, you can add width and height attribute in your img tag or set them in css.

        <img src="image.png" width="75px" height="75px" />

        I will add a “display date or not” option later when I have some time.

        About the image background, I’m still not sure, cause not every blog entry will have an image and that image can fit the small box size by simply resizing it (some image may be too big to resize).

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