New Grid Archives Page

Announce the newly designed “Archives” page:

(click here to view the live demo)

All the work here concludes to a fresh new wordpress plugin – Grid Archives, which is actively under development.

There’s definitely a lot more work to do to make the plugin more flexible and more compatible with other themes, all the code has been checked in to github if you’re interested:

Any feedback or suggestion is welcome and appreciated.

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4 Comments on "New Grid Archives Page"

  1. Sunng China Mozilla Firefox Ubuntu Linux says:


  2. Sunng China Mozilla Firefox Ubuntu Linux says:


    • Samson China Mozilla Firefox Mac OS says:

      拷到plugins目录并activate之,然后建个archives page(Template选Page Full Width),内容放上“[grid_archives]”后保存即可。


      wordpress那边需要一段时间approve,到时候会装起来方便点吧,不过还有好多要改唉… 到时还得整个todo list……

  3. spybubble United States Google Chrome Windows says:

    I just implemented this and it was as easy as 1-2-3. Thank you!

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