Grid Archives 0.8.0

Grid Archives 0.8.0 finally support user customized css. People complained about losing css changes after plugin update. It won’t be a problem any more since all you configurations won’t be lost when you update the plugin.

One user case is simply copying all the default Grid Archives css (you can find them from “Plugin Editor”) to the “Custom CSS Styles” textarea and made any modifications you like, save the changes and that’s it. You don’t need to worry they will be lost during plugin update any more.


  • added an option to allow user to custom the display stylesheets, these customizations won’t be lost after plugin update.


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4 Comments on "Grid Archives 0.8.0"

  1. Sunng Australia Mozilla Firefox Windows says:


  2. Lynsey New Zealand Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Hi Samson
    Great plugin. Is it possible to amend the code so that a thumbnail for the post could be included as well as the excerpt, headline etc? I was imagining a thumbnail of – say 150×150 px, with the text below. Too difficult or quite easy – your thoughts?

    • Samson United States Mozilla Firefox Mac OS says:

      I think it’s not quite easy but doable.

      You may need to find some lib to generate the thumbnail for each post (you may want to cache them since this is quite heavy and time consuming)

      After that, you need to amend the code to include the thumbnail in the generated html and amend some css as needed.

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