What’s New in Firefox 4 (Part 2)

ok, 继续,接上篇 .

· You can turn any tab into an “App Tab” by right-clicking on it and selecting “Make into App Tab” from the context menu


· The default homepage design has been refreshed

自从用了 speed dial 之后,我已经不知道 homepage 张啥样好多年……

· Overhaul of the bookmarks and history code, enabling faster bookmarking and startup performance

nice code refactor, 一个字,为了速度,汗,好像是两个字……

· Per-compartment garbage collection is now enabled, reducing work done during complex animations

great stuff, 对了不知道为啥,一看到compartment我就想到了我们的蜗居… 不是应该是apartment的吗?

· Additional polish for the Firefox Add-ons Manager


· Improved web typography using OpenType with support for ligatures, kerning and font variants

嗯,等我有空先去试试 web fonts 再说吧.

· Web developers can animate content using CSS Transitions

终于支持了,great stuff.

· Responsiveness and scrolling improvements from the new retained layers layout system

没怎么看懂,不过大致能够理解,什么不理解?那就空间想象一下…… 对了,读书时一直听数学老师说男同学一般比较擅长空间想象……

· HTML5 Forms API makes web based forms easier to implement and validate

记得以前看到 sunng提到过 那会只有opera 11完整支持 html5 form,now comes ff4, great stuff!

· Support for the new proposed Audio Data API

nice, 有空一定要try一下.

· Support for HSTS security protocol allowing sites to insist that they only be loaded over SSL


· A new feature called Panorama gives users a visual overview of all open tabs, allowing them to be sorted and grouped

应该就是传说中的tab group吧,我昨天不知道怎么整出来过一次,现在找了半天也找不到打开的方法… 放弃……


To be continued…


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