What’s New in Firefox 4 (Part 3)

all right, go on. 接上篇上上篇 . 这俨然已经全然变成了一个体力活…… anyway, let’s finish it.

· An experimental API is included to provide more efficient Javascript animations

看到experimental,然后点进去看到 “We do not guarantee to support it forever, and I wouldn’t evangelize sites to depend on it.” 我就一下子没了兴趣,当然你如果有兴趣完全可以深入研究一番。

· Firefox now supports the HTML5 video “buffered” property

HTML5 video的“buffered”属性,注意打了引号,我起初以为是video标签开始支持buferred这个attribute,但是我特地查看了下 这个demo ,却根本没有发现buffered这个attribute,于是我就开始confuse了,算了还是引用它自己的intro吧,“This is cool because we can now accurately determine which time-segments of a video we can play and seek into without needing to pause playback to download more data.”

· Changes to how XPCOM components are registered in order to help startup time and process separation

No more frozen interfaces!

· New Addons Manager and extension management API (UI will be changed before final release)

hey,这不就是final release吗?瞧,bug~ 哦,不对,It’s not a defect, it’s a feature~

· Significant API improvements are available for JS-ctypes, a foreign function interface for extensions

extension developer是不是爽了点?我不知道,我还没写过extension,不过可以考虑唉,对哦.

· CSS Transitions are partially supported

啥意思,又来?之前不是都说支持了吗?又partially了?又是个D(efect) feature?……

· Core Animation rendering model for plugins on Mac OS X. Plugins which also support this rendering model can now draw faster and more efficiently

终于见到一个mac os x only的了,平衡了…

· Web developers can update the URL field without reloading the page using HTML History APIs


· More responsive page rendering using lazy frame construction

这个又是ff4变快的一个原因,非常建议去这个页面做下测试,我的是 14573ms vs 1289ms,快了91.15%。

· Link history lookup is done asynchronously to provide better responsiveness during pageload


· CSS :visited selectors have been changed to block websites from being able to check a user’s browsing history

security fix,嗯,看到一句表决心的: “At Mozilla we’re serious about protecting people’s privacy, so we’re going to fix this problem for our users. ” 于是马上联想到诸葛亮出师表… 继而杜甫 “出师未捷身先死,长使英雄泪满襟”……

· New HTML5 parser

“This replaces that code with a new parser that’s faster, compliant with the new HTML5 standard and enables a lot of new functionality as well.”

· Support for more HTML5 form controls

又来了… 在搞到倒数第三个bullet眼看胜利就在眼前的时候我突然开始强烈怀疑起这release notes的严肃性和完整性……

· Web authors can now get touch events from Firefox users on Windows 7 machines

win7 only,good for windows people,无关于我.

· A new way of representing values in JavaScript that allows Firefox to execute heavy, numeric code (used for things like graphics and animations) more efficiently

又是efficiency,看来来自chrome和webkit的压力绝对够大,anyway,对 user 来说永远不是坏事.




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