Archive for May 3rd, 2011

Grid Archives 1.0.1 & 1.0.2

2 minor issues found after 1.0.0 released. If you’ve already upgraded to 1.0.0, upgrade to 1.0.2 is highly recommended.


  • fixed a month date format display issue
  • made the plugin compatible with wordpress 3.1

Please visit this archives page to see a live demo.

Grid Archives 1.0.0

While post date format customization feature was added in 0.7.0, it now feels inconsistent and very annoying if month date format can not be customized. This release covered this issue.

Although 1.0.0 sounds like a major release, it actually adds only one feature as mentioned above If you have other feature requests, please feel free to leave comments.


  • added an option to customize the date display format for months

As always, please visit this archives page to see a live demo.