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What’s your color?

摘录一段最新一集i the big bang theory ii 里面的某段对话:

Raj: I need a hug.
Sheldon: Sorry, I have company.

Raj: Come on, Sheldon, open the door.
Sheldon: I don’t want to hug you.

Raj: I don’t want to hug you either. I was just feeling blue.
Sheldon: Blue, as in depressed.

Raj: Well, not so much depressed as lonely.
Sheldon: I don’t know what color lonely is.

Raj: What?
Sheldon: Red is angry; yellow is frightened; green is jealous; and blue is depressed. Perhaps we can assign a color to lonely.

Raj: Nothing rhymes with orange. It’s probably lonely.
Sheldon: All right. Come in. You look positively orange with loneliness. No, I don’t see that catching on at all.
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