What’s your color?

摘录一段最新一集i the big bang theory ii 里面的某段对话:

Raj: I need a hug.
Sheldon: Sorry, I have company.

Raj: Come on, Sheldon, open the door.
Sheldon: I don’t want to hug you.

Raj: I don’t want to hug you either. I was just feeling blue.
Sheldon: Blue, as in depressed.

Raj: Well, not so much depressed as lonely.
Sheldon: I don’t know what color lonely is.

Raj: What?
Sheldon: Red is angry; yellow is frightened; green is jealous; and blue is depressed. Perhaps we can assign a color to lonely.

Raj: Nothing rhymes with orange. It’s probably lonely.
Sheldon: All right. Come in. You look positively orange with loneliness. No, I don’t see that catching on at all.

也许字里行间看不出什么可以令人发笑的理由,确实,这也是为啥如果没有演员传神的表演你永远也不会 understand 为啥短短的几句对白背后会传来有至少5+次笑声的原因。 当然很多时候也许背后的笑声只是为了笑声而笑声,人都有从众心理,you know,即便那会并没有那么如此这般的真的能够让人忍俊不禁。 不过说起让人放松,愉悦心情,我是没有任何异议的,anyway, big fan.

我也不知道我上面是不是make了我的point,不过这显然也不是我这里想make的point…… 就我取的这个标题的意图而言(suppose我现在还记得正确),这个topic目前以及可预见的未来的方向已经算是完全out of control了……

如果真的有time machine,我希望回到8分钟前,然后用下面的文字替换掉上面那堆不知所云的家伙:

I really like the color metaphor here as I’m feeling some of the colors here as well recently, although not so much as the way here is.

And… what’s your color recently?

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