Grid Archives 1.1.0

Grid Archives now seems work pretty good with the CDD (Comment Driven Development) process

This release is driven by this comment. As I said, the plugin is now totally driven by comments, so as always, thanks for these who trying this plugin out and giving back the precious feedback.

In this release, grid archives now support displaying posts from one specific category, just input [ grid_archives category=”Category name” ] i in your page/post, the category is the category name you want to display. For backward compatibility, the old [ grid_archives ] will still work and will still show all the posts as it did before.


  • added a shortcode category attribute to display articles under one specific category, grid-archives now support [ grid_archives category=”Category name” ]

Please visit the plugin home page for more details.

  1. remove the space after “[” and before “]” []


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7 Comments on "Grid Archives 1.1.0"

  1. Matthias Germany Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Hi Samson,
    what do you think. Is it possible to call the .js and .ccs files for grid archives only in the archive page?
    Does not make sense to call the files even on the start page of my site…


    • Samson China Mozilla Firefox Mac OS says:

      Hi Matthias,

      That’s the behavior of the 2 wordpress functions: wp_enqueue_script() and wp_enqueue_style(). Plugins use these functions to add plugin specific .js and .css will have this same issue as well.

      There is one solution mentioned here which requires some code change on your side (grid-archives has no idea what’s the name of the user’s archives page). Seems they were planing to make a plugin to do this, you may want to do a plugin search first.

      BTW, currently grid-archives only ships some css files, no js file.

  2. Matthias Germany Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Hi Samson,
    thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I found a plugin, to call specific css and js

    But how will I stop grid archives to call the css on all other pages?


    • Samson Ireland Mozilla Firefox Mac OS says:

      Hi Matthias,

      Sorry for the late reply. After some investigation, I think it’s possible to make grid archives itself to accept a config option (the archives page name) and then include the css only in that page.

      Will reply to your comment once it’s done. Thanks.

    • Samson Ireland Mozilla Firefox Mac OS says:

      Hi Matthias,

      Please upgrade grid-archives to the latest version (I just released 1.2.0), then you can enable loading resource files (css, js) only in specific pages/posts (the page/post name can be configured in the plugin settings page).

      Let me know if any problem.

  3. Matthias Germany Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Hi Samson,
    this is perfect. Works fine
    Perhaps you can publish this code in a wordpress forum. I think this is an option for many plugins…

    Thanks a lot!

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