Grid Archives 1.3.0

WordPress 3.2 is released today with “Refreshed Administrative UI”, “Full Screen Editor” i and a couple of other enhancements and bug-fixes.

To be fully compatible with this latest release, only a couple of minor tweaks ii was made in this grid archives 1.3.0 release.


  • tiny UI tweak in plugin admin setting page, make it compatible with the Refreshed Administative UI of wordpress 3.2.
  • make the plugin compatible with wordpress 3.2.

As always, please visit the plugin home page for more details.

  1. I really like the Consolas font in the editor []
  2. for the record, grid archives 1.2.0 is also fully functional with wordpress 3.2 []


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5 Comments on "Grid Archives 1.3.0"

  1. Matthias Germany Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Hi Samson,
    if you have many years in the archive, grid archive shows a very long list.
    What about a expand function for years like in this plugin. I think there is no need for month, just years


    • Samson China Mozilla Firefox Mac OS says:

      Hi Matthias,
      Thanks for the advice. I see your point and that’s really a good idea. I will see if I can integrate this function into next release of grid-archives.


  2. Matthias Germany Mozilla Firefox Windows says:


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