OpenExplorer Eclipse Plugin 1.5.0

Thanks to jdkcn, Open Explorer now supports multiple file managers (not only nautilus) in Linux, it will detect your system file manager and use that by default i. I also added a preferences page for this, so you can customize it if the default doesn’t make you happy.

To upgrade, simply replace the plugin jar file, you can always download the latest versionii from here.

  1. dolphin (KDE), nautilus (Gnome), thunar (xfce), pcmanfm (lxde), rox, xdg-open, etc []
  2. 1.5.0.v201108051513 []


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4 Comments on "OpenExplorer Eclipse Plugin 1.5.0"

  1. MD United Kingdom Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    Thank you! Still working fine on Windows with Eclipse 4.3 (Android ADT version)

  2. 紫嫣 China Google Chrome Windows says:


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