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Vim-Task 1.1

Thanks to tUrG0n, vim-task won’t suffer from the pathogen issue anymore from now on, and we also have a new feature which will prepend a “-” for a non-task line when toggling the task status.

So by toggling the task status, we’re now actually toggling between 3 statuses of the task:

  • blank: normal text
  • pending: –
  • completed: ✓

all with the same 1 keyboard shortcut as before, as always. So neat!

PS: Vim native regex i is pretty awkward to work with, unless you use some additional features ii, the regex will quickly become a mess, which maybe makes the person who reads your code thinks “wow, how complicated the regex is!”, but actually the truth is always: “well, it’s not, it’s just that ugly, man…”

  1. to make the script portable, substitute() method will always use the ‘magic’ option in the regex match []
  2. but we don’t want more dependencies though… []