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Highlight URL in SublimeTask

Check out this introductory post if you don’t know what is SublimeTask.

As this issue ticket indicated, people want the url (http, https, ftp etc) to be processed and displayed differently in SublimeTask.

Although opening url link in default browser is possible and actually turns out to be fairly simple, I still haven’t fully made my mind whether I want this functionality goes in or not, cuz it sounds like a separate project/plugin. Anyway, it’s really a nice-to-have feature, I will be glad to add this in in the future, either directly built in or as a separate plugin.

In this update/patch, what I did is just highlighting the url. One screenshot should be enough to tell the whole story.


Note all the url above are highlighted.

As always, check out the “Customization” section here should you need to customize the url display style.

Grid Archives 1.6.0

As requested, this major release mainly address one issue/feature that grid archives should actually support in the very beginning, the sort direction option.

Before 1.6.0, all the posts are sorted in descending order by default and there seems to be no easy way to change this… but that pain will be history now, starting from now

To be compatible with previous versions, the default sort direction will remain as ‘desc’, so if you still want the month/post to be displayed in the descending order, as you wish.. you’re required to do nothing~ yay!


  • added an option to change the post sort direction (asec or desc)
  • make the plugin compatible with wordpress 3.4

As always, please visit the plugin home page for more details and click here to check out the live demo.



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