Grid Archives 1.6.0

As requested, this major release mainly address one issue/feature that grid archives should actually support in the very beginning, the sort direction option.

Before 1.6.0, all the posts are sorted in descending order by default and there seems to be no easy way to change this… but that pain will be history now, starting from now

To be compatible with previous versions, the default sort direction will remain as ‘desc’, so if you still want the month/post to be displayed in the descending order, as you wish.. you’re required to do nothing~ yay!


  • added an option to change the post sort direction (asec or desc)
  • make the plugin compatible with wordpress 3.4

As always, please visit the plugin home page for more details and click here to check out the live demo.


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6 Comments on "Grid Archives 1.6.0"

  1. Owen Canada Mozilla Firefox Windows says:

    This is a brilliant plugin. Thanks. Is there a way to include display of a post’s featured image in the grid archive?

  2. Mitch United States Google Chrome Windows says:

    Hi. Great plugin. I have the same question about featured images as Owen. How would I replace the excerpt with a featured image?

  3. Samson Wu China Google Chrome Mac OS says:

    Thanks guys, I will take a look when I have time.

  4. Bob Spain Mozilla Firefox Mac OS says:

    Awesome plugin, left a good review on my blog. I dropped snazzy archives and found this plugin very good: lot of options and I could easily style the CSS to have it aligned with my blog theme. The featured image would indeed be nice

  5. Jordi Spain Google Chrome Mac OS says:


    Congratulations for this fantastic plugin. I would also love to see the option to have the featured images displayed in the archives.

    Keep up the good job!

    Jordi Amat

  6. Paul United Kingdom Safari Mac OS says:


    This is a great plug-in but I fear that the latest WordPress update has broken it..?

    I have upgraded to WP 3.6 using Responsive Theme and using the latest Grid Archives.

    I have built a site that has a static page for each category of post. On each of those pages there is a [grid archives category=””] for the relevant category. However, since the update, the grid archives does not produce the relevant category. It works for the first time it is used on Page A with Category A – but then navigating to Page B with Category B shows Page B with Category A. It is not sequential, if I call Page D with Category D first then subsequent pages will show Category D.

    If I change the name of a post and then reload the category grid archives page that will change the archive that is loaded (from Category D to B for instance) – however, once it is loaded, that category will remain across all the archives.

    I cannot see why this has stopped working or a way to rectify the problem. Any help would be very gratefully received.

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