Update 75: 「缺失」的五月

1. 本来number 75是留给五月的,事实上某个平行时空里面的75确实可能已经被留给了这个时空俨然「缺失」了的五月;所有,以上,似乎已经足以用来回答我似乎销声匿迹的五月的原因了;

2. 话不能说死,有些话,更不能展开,也许平行时空的另外一份update 75的拷贝详细记录了所有的所有,但,那,只属于另外一个时空;

3. 标题的略带民国风味的复古引号灵感于很久前看到的一篇文章,鄙人无意参与任何形式的争论,犹如各种纷扰的办公室政治对本人而言都属浮云一样,纠结于何种形式的引号更正确更优雅美观似乎更是庸人自扰,在此引用纯属哗众取宠,并自作多情的想给这似乎「缺失」了的五月挂上一番不一样的注解,如此,而已;

4. 鄙人曾经以及今天(因为我刚刚补上了n个月的。。。)有给每个月one word总结的嗜好,如今更新频率降到几乎只剩一月一篇的频率,那一个个短短的上注解似乎显得更加弥足珍贵,几年前不知道哪来的灵感所加上的当时极其无聊功能如今似乎派上了很大的用场,life的dots也许就是这么慢慢慢慢connect的吧……也许,这也是我正在慢慢慢慢变老的征兆,哈哈哈哈;

5. 最后用前天书城顺手牵羊回来的安妮宝贝的《清醒纪》里面的一句话conclude一下这本不该「缺失」却不得不在这个时空无奈「缺失」了的美丽的五月:


6. 没有了哦,楼主弃楼了:)听歌吧,五月天 (点击播放),楼主洗澡去了……

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8 Comments on "Update 75: 「缺失」的五月"

  1. Paul United Kingdom Safari Mac OS says:

    Hi Samson, just wondering if you’re still keeping Grid Archives up to date. It’s a great plug-in that’s served me well until this latest WordPress update. I’ve outlined the specific issues I have with it on the Grid Archives page.. in a nutshell – the [grid-archives category] view only changes when you a post is updated. Otherwise it calls the same category again and again regardless of what is in the category=”” field.

    Any help much appreciated.

    • Samson United States Google Chrome Mac OS says:

      Hi Paul, thanks for the issue report, I will definitely try my best to keep this plugin up to date.

      So for the issue you had, could you please give me more details, cuz I’m afraid i’m still not sure what’s the issue and how can i reproduce it on my side.


  2. Paul United Kingdom Safari iPhone says:

    Great news you’re still working in the plug in.

    I had my website up and running using the following which I have not changed:

    I am using the shortcode category=’x’ to reference the various categories that I have, and I have several demo posts in each category. I use static pages on the site with the relevant shortcode to call a grid archive of the posts in that category. Worked well until I updated WP.

    I am now using the latest WP with the latest release of grid archives. Whenever I navigate to a static page with a grid archive category=’x’ on the page, a group of posts is presented, generally the relevant category. However, when I navigate to the next page and a different category is called: the same group of posts from the first page appears. In fact, that same group now remains until I update a post in some way.

    Please contact me directly if you need further? Any help would be much appreciated.



  3. Paul United Kingdom Safari Mac OS says:


    I have a list of favourite people and you’re definitely on it this month. Thank you for producing such a great plug-in and updating it to work with the latest release of WordPress.

    Great plug-in, great service, thank you.


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