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Bash like history search functionality for Zsh

Bash uses readline to do its line editing and history search functionality, which works pretty well in the past for me. To enable this, just put these 2 lines of configurations in your ~/.inputrc (the config for your readline):

# Enabling History Search

After restart your terminal or shell, you can now use Up Arrow and Down Arrow to navigate your bash history, the beauty of this is it will match the thing you typed between the prompt and the cursor (if typed nothing, it will just use your last command of the history).

This solution works so well that it increases a lot of my productivity and efficiency in the past and now it becomes a must-have for my shell features. Once I switched to Zsh, I was looking for a similar solution since the first day of using Zsh.

Turns out oh-my-zsh includes a default history search functionality already (up-line-or-beginning-search, down-line-or-beginning-search), which works well for a lot of people, but unfortunately not for me.

The issue for this command is it only matches the command, not the entire thing before your cursor, for example, if I typed:

cd code

Then do a tab, it will only match the command starts from “cd”, not the entire “cd code”. You may still call this a history search functionality, but for me, it’s not working as I expected since I come from the bash/readline world.
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