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As the AngularJS learning experiences continues (actually haven’t touched it for a few days…), I started to feel that it’s better for me to actually implement something instead of just reading. Continuous reading without purpose makes people feel bored really quick.

As I also mentioned earlier that it’s time to follow my heart and actually make some changes. So I’ve been thinking a lot of these days, tried to remember things happened in my mind long time ago.

I’ve had this idea for quite a few year… since the first day I transferred to chrome from firefox (should be more than 5 years now..). Before the transfer, I used a firefox plugin called “Morning Coffee” routinely. Once migrated, I miss the functionalities so much that I started to look for its chrome alternative immediately and it turns out to be no luck. So I gave up and thought about writing one myself if the the original author doesn’t do this.

I thought I should give the author some time before I get started… So I’ve waited for several years… that’s long enough, I guess…

Alright, enough background information…

So with my current limited knowledge about AngularJS, I was able to come up with the following chrome version of Morning Coffee, which totally inspired by the Firefox Morning Coffee plugin (thanks to the original author).

Morning Coffee Screenshot 1

Morning Coffee Screenshot 1

I removed the day picking options because I found myself never used this (I just included tabs for everyday). I will add an option to add this functionality back if people do find this useful.

Morning Coffee Screenshot 2

Morning Coffee Screenshot 2

As always, the source code is public available on github. Since it’s just a two-night work, don’t expect too good quality about the code. I’m still working on the readme and will refactor the code later.

Technically, it uses AngularJS (for sure, since that’s the whole purpose) together with Twitter BootStrap and JQuery/JQuery UI. The beauty of the chrome extension development is that it’s just like developing web site, so it feels like home. And the best part is that you don’t need to worry about cross-browser compatible issue, since the code will only be executed in chrome.

Having said that, functionality wise, it does work like a charm :). So if you’re just an chrome user and looking for an extension, just ignore the previous two paragraphs. Give it a try and feel free to report issues if you encountered any.

Last but not least



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7 Comments on "Morning Coffee Extension for Chrome"

  1. Lane Lester United States Google Chrome Debian GNU/Linux says:

    Thanks for this extension! I’m comfortable with Firefox, but for fun, I’m playing with Maxthon, which is based on Chrome somehow. The Chrome extensions are available for it, and I’ve added equivalents of some of my Firefox favorites: Morning Coffee (can’t live without it in a cup and in a browser), Eye Dropper, and Page Ruler. I guess I’ll have to use Filezilla instead of my preferred FireFTP.

  2. Lane Lester United States Google Chrome Debian GNU/Linux says:

    This morning I added the 13 sites from my Firefox setup, and they all loaded just fine. Three of the sites I load only one day of the week in FF’s MC. However, I’m not suggesting you add this capability to your extension, because I’m still uncertain whether I won’t go back to Firefox.

  3. Chris Collins United States Google Chrome Windows says:

    I was so happy when I saw that you had created a Morning Coffee for Chrome, because I find it to be essential in Firefox. But then I was really disappointed to learn that you didn’t implement the “day picking options”. To me, that is the most useful aspect of the tool. Chrome can already open a set of tabs everyday, all by itself. The useful thing about Morning Coffee was that it can open different tabs on different days. Pleas add that option to your version. Thank you!

  4. MR United States Google Chrome Windows says:

    “I removed the day picking options because I found myself never used this (I just included tabs for everyday). I will add an option to add this functionality back if people do find this useful.”

    My vote is in for adding the option back in!!!!

  5. Jagdish Switzerland Google Chrome Windows says:

    Thanks a lot for your work to bring Morning Coffee for Chrome!!
    I would also vote for the “day picking options”.
    It would also be nice if one click at the icon in the Toolbar would directly open the tabs.

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