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What’s New in Firefox 4 (Part 3)

all right, go on. 接上篇上上篇 . 这俨然已经全然变成了一个体力活…… anyway, let’s finish it.

· An experimental API is included to provide more efficient Javascript animations

看到experimental,然后点进去看到 “We do not guarantee to support it forever, and I wouldn’t evangelize sites to depend on it.” 我就一下子没了兴趣,当然你如果有兴趣完全可以深入研究一番。

· Firefox now supports the HTML5 video “buffered” property

HTML5 video的“buffered”属性,注意打了引号,我起初以为是video标签开始支持buferred这个attribute,但是我特地查看了下 这个demo ,却根本没有发现buffered这个attribute,于是我就开始confuse了,算了还是引用它自己的intro吧,“This is cool because we can now accurately determine which time-segments of a video we can play and seek into without needing to pause playback to download more data.”

· Changes to how XPCOM components are registered in order to help startup time and process separation

No more frozen interfaces!
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What’s New in Firefox 4 (Part 2)

ok, 继续,接上篇 .

· You can turn any tab into an “App Tab” by right-clicking on it and selecting “Make into App Tab” from the context menu


· The default homepage design has been refreshed

自从用了 speed dial 之后,我已经不知道 homepage 张啥样好多年……

· Overhaul of the bookmarks and history code, enabling faster bookmarking and startup performance

nice code refactor, 一个字,为了速度,汗,好像是两个字……
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What’s New in Firefox 4 (Part 1)

标题看起来非常official,实际上就是很official… 因为咱是从mozilla的 official site 拷过来的…… 本来昨天就想拷的,结果事情实在太多,只好拖到现在,虽然有点out了不过也无妨,因为彼时彼刻,恰如此时此刻~

Firefox 4 is based on the Gecko 2.0 Web platform. This release features JavaScript execution speeds up to six times faster than the previous version, new capabilities for Web Developers and Add-on Developers such as hardware accelerated graphics and HTML5 technologies, and a completely revised user interface.

Firefox每次minor版本的更新都伴随着其内核 Gecko版本的更新 i,这次major版本更新,Gecko也索性来个大版本号,步调要一致,不然要扯着蛋,嗯…
我不知道你,反正我打开FF4的第一反应是快ii,这个跟6倍速 javascript 性能提升不无关系,当然肯定还有UI的优化,不像以前点个按钮给我个圈圈让我等,上了个厕所倒了杯水回来还是那个圈圈在那欢快的转…… 另外硬件加速,html5什么的我们下面应该会有具体细则,这里只是暂行条例,只是个大方向,详细的征收细则还需要之后由地方政府提供.
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  1. 话说回来,浏览器不更新这个还更新什么 []
  2. 注意,不是指初次启动速度,这个貌似还是painfully slow…… []