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Morning Coffee Extension for Chrome



As the AngularJS learning experiences continues (actually haven’t touched it for a few days…), I started to feel that it’s better for me to actually implement something instead of just reading. Continuous reading without purpose makes people feel bored really quick.

As I also mentioned earlier that it’s time to follow my heart and actually make some changes. So I’ve been thinking a lot of these days, tried to remember things happened in my mind long time ago.

I’ve had this idea for quite a few year… since the first day I transferred to chrome from firefox (should be more than 5 years now..). Before the transfer, I used a firefox plugin called “Morning Coffee” routinely. Once migrated, I miss the functionalities so much that I started to look for its chrome alternative immediately and it turns out to be no luck. So I gave up and thought about writing one myself if the the original author doesn’t do this.

I thought I should give the author some time before I get started… So I’ve waited for several years… that’s long enough, I guess…

Alright, enough background information…
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