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Updates about Open Explorer

  • The initial version of this plugin was first released 9 years ago.
  • The last commit of GitHub is also 7 years ago, so obsolete repository…
  • Yes, it has been a long time, time flies… things happens..

But… although lots of things have changed during this time, the plugin is still WORKING!

Below are some screenshots of the latest version of Eclipse on Mac OS X. I’ve also updated the README on GitHub.

So, please enjoy!

OpenExplorer Eclipse Plugin 1.5.0

Thanks to jdkcn, Open Explorer now supports multiple file managers (not only nautilus) in Linux, it will detect your system file manager and use that by default i. I also added a preferences page for this, so you can customize it if the default doesn’t make you happy.

To upgrade, simply replace the plugin jar file, you can always download the latest versionii from here.

  1. dolphin (KDE), nautilus (Gnome), thunar (xfce), pcmanfm (lxde), rox, xdg-open, etc []
  2. 1.5.0.v201108051513 []

OpenExplorer Eclipse Plugin 1.4.0

Alright, this time I will let all the screenshots speak, as they’re inherently international.

So, what’s new?

anything else? Yeah!

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OpenExplorer Eclipse Plugin 1.3.0

Essentially, this is just a bug-fixing and maintaining release. In this release, we addressed an issue on linux platform (with nautilus installed, currently seems all bugs are reported from ubuntu), similar to this one.

I’ve thoroughly tested it in Eclipse Galileo (3.5), Helios (3.6), Indigo (3.7) on Mac OS X 10.6.8, Linux (Ubuntu 11.04) and Windows XP. While I try my best to maintain the plugin compatibility with the latest Eclipse version and latest OS release, it does may have some backward compatible issue. If you encounter any problems, please consider upgrading your eclipse and OS to the latest version and try again. If this doesn’t solve the problem, please do not hesitate to report defects here or simply leave comments below.

This project is hosting on github and the latest release can be downloaded here:

To upgrade the plugin, just replace the jar package in your $ECLIPSE_HOME/plugins or $ECLIPSE_HOME/dropins directory.

Last but not least, thanks for all the support and feedback so far. I hope you enjoy it.

OpenExplorer Eclipse Plugin 1.2.0


长话短说,1.2.0 加入了打开当前编辑文件所在目录的功能,当然前提是当前正选中着 editor 区域,或者说焦点在编辑器里面。



Release OpenExplorer Eclipse Plugin 1.1.0


故事起源于这个feature request,不然我早就已经忘记我还有share过那么一个plugin,后来经过我一番调查取证后发现问题更严重一点,我不但忘了其存在甚至连其所有的code也全部丢失了i



对了都快忘了,下面上主题,最新版 1.1.0 加了上面那个comment里面的选中功能(不过目前只支持windows),另外还加进了Mac OS X的supportiv,暂时就这些吧,如果还是用的2009.02的1.0.0版本的还烦更新下,over~

  1. 就在我全面转向mac os x后,原来的windows某日又突然crash…… []
  2. 不用java好多年,反编译的世界亦是日新月异啊 []
  3. 当然注释什么的是不用想了… []
  4. 自己开发机器的平台当然要支持下啦…… []

Open Explorer Plugin for Eclipse

[ Update 2018-02-06: Some Updates about Open Explorer ]

[ Update: Open Explorer 1.3.0 and 1.4.0 were released, the latest version can be downloaded here. ]

Share a recently developed Eclipse plugin:


The idea is simple.

Assume you are already familiar with “Package Explorer” and “Navigator” view in eclipse, which can help us a lot in viewing the directory structure during development.

But have you had a chance to want to open the directories and files there in the system file browser, say “Windows Explorer”?

I usually do, and I almost repeat the same routine everyday (Right click the directory-> Choose Properties -> Copy the Location-> Open Explorer(e.g. “My Computer”) -> Paste the Location -> Enter), which make me feel boring and silly.
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