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Multiple line support in SublimeTask

鄙人新一年有个小计划,那便是需要开始protect起自己的private personal time,过去的一年因为工作牺牲了太多的个人时间,这样的策略抑或无奈是物有所值还是得不偿失需要被重新审视和评估;

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Check out this introductory post if you don’t know what is SublimeTask.

Let’s keep it simple and short this time, since it’s very late now :(.

As issue #3 indicated, previous version of SublimeTask lacks the feature of multiple line support, this update just addressed this issue and addressed it well.

2 kinds of multiple types are now supported:

  • Multiple selections (hold ⌘ during multiple selections, one key fancy feature of Sublime Text)
  • One selection with multiple lines (this should be self explanatory)

So from now on you should be able to mark multiple tasks as completed/incomplete in just one shot, enjoy!
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Highlight URL in SublimeTask

Check out this introductory post if you don’t know what is SublimeTask.

As this issue ticket indicated, people want the url (http, https, ftp etc) to be processed and displayed differently in SublimeTask.

Although opening url link in default browser is possible and actually turns out to be fairly simple, I still haven’t fully made my mind whether I want this functionality goes in or not, cuz it sounds like a separate project/plugin. Anyway, it’s really a nice-to-have feature, I will be glad to add this in in the future, either directly built in or as a separate plugin.

In this update/patch, what I did is just highlighting the url. One screenshot should be enough to tell the whole story.


Note all the url above are highlighted.

As always, check out the “Customization” section here should you need to customize the url display style.

Introducing SublimeTask (GTD)

We already have Vim-Task, now we need one task plugin for Sublime Text 2.

As always, I’m a fan of the mac default font monaco, unfortunately it doesn’t support bold and italic:

If you use font (e.g. Consolas) which support bold and italic and your current color scheme also support these highlighting, you can config the “scope” to display whatever style you want (see Customization section below).

[Code Repository]
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Sublime Text 2 Upgrade Problem


btw,sublime text 2着实是个相当promising的editor,各位看官有闲情雅致且有信心记住更多的key shortcuts的话不妨一试(其实也没有多少啦),鄙人highly recommended(路人甲:你算哪跟葱……;我:……),除了其License价格不菲之外(比textmate多1刀),其余很多feature都可圈可点,好消息是beta版可以免费使用,就是时不时会有dialog跳出来提醒抑或是恶心一下你,呵呵。


anyway,本次遇到的问题是sublime无法启动,报出以下颇为technical的error dialog,然后便quit,想必是目前用此editor的大多还是developer居多,所以报这种样式的error通常会被认为更为friendly:

Unable to run package setup:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "./", line 155, in upgrade
upgradePackage(pkg, pristinedir, datadir, backupdir)
File "./", line 148, in upgradePackage
os.path.join(backupdir, base), inhibitOverwrite)
File "./", line 31, in upgradeArchive
newar = zipfile.ZipFile(src)
File ".\", line 696, in __init__
File ".\", line 716, in _GetContents
File ".\", line 728, in _RealGetContents
zipfile.BadZipfile: File is not a zip file

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