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Grid Archives 1.0.0

While post date format customization feature was added in 0.7.0, it now feels inconsistent and very annoying if month date format can not be customized. This release covered this issue.

Although 1.0.0 sounds like a major release, it actually adds only one feature as mentioned above If you have other feature requests, please feel free to leave comments.


  • added an option to customize the date display format for months

As always, please visit this archives page to see a live demo.


Grid Archives 0.9.0

Grid Archives 0.9.0 mainly focus on tweaking the archived posts display style, the changelog should pretty much covers all the changes need to be mentioned here.


  • added an option to highlight the post if being mouse hovered over. (IE currently not supported)
  • added an option to rotate the monthly summary if being mouse hovered over. (IE currently not supported)
  • made the “year.month” text clickable to show all the posts in that particular month.

As always, please visit the archives page here to see a live demo.


Grid Archives 0.8.1

0.8.1 is just a compatible fix with other plugin, if you’re not using wp-footnotes, you don’t need to worry about upgrading.


  • fixed a compatible issue with wp-footnotes.

Grid Archives 0.8.0

Grid Archives 0.8.0 finally support user customized css. People complained about losing css changes after plugin update. It won’t be a problem any more since all you configurations won’t be lost when you update the plugin.

One user case is simply copying all the default Grid Archives css (you can find them from “Plugin Editor”) to the “Custom CSS Styles” textarea and made any modifications you like, save the changes and that’s it. You don’t need to worry they will be lost during plugin update any more.


  • added an option to allow user to custom the display stylesheets, these customizations won’t be lost after plugin update.


Grid Archives 0.7.0 released

As requested here, Grid Archives 0.7.0 added 2 options for users to choose/customize post date display format and make monthly summary optional instead of the default boring “… …”.

Note: if you have manually changed plugin files before (css, js etc), please back up your files before update.


  • make post date display style as an option, e.g. displayed using American style (month/day/year)
  • added an option to make monthly summary (“… …”) optional


Grid Archives 0.6.3

As requested here, Grid Archives 0.6.3 added an option for users to choose whether to display the post date or not.


  • added an option to not display post date


Grid Archives 0.6.2 Bug Fix

Minor change in this bug fix build: PHP magic quotes (default on) causes the “‘” been escaped to “\'”, then “\” itself escaped to “\\”, and so on…. a simple stripslashes should fix this issue.


Grid Archives 0.6.0 released

As promised before, a version (0.6.0) of Grid Archives just got released.

[Change Log in this version:]

  • added settings page in admin
  • added options in settings for user to specify the maximum post title and maximum post content length
  • added options in settings for user to specify the monthly summaries
  • remove .grid_archives_column width property
  • trim monthly summaries before parse


Grid Archives 0.5.0 released

Grid Archives finally got released on wordpress:

To be frank, this can not be called a stable release, there’s still a lot more work to do:

  • add options page for users to input monthly summaries and other possible options (excerpt words length, grid size, color etc)
  • tweak css to be more compatible with different themes

These are the 2 big items current in my mind, and also the things that are very critical to make the plugin really “works”.

So my suggestion is: DO NOT install this version (0.5.0) of grid archives i, instead, waiting a few days after Grid Archives really get mature. That shouldn’t take very long as I’m currently actively developing it. You can also fork me on github if you’re interested and do not want to wait just a couple of days.

  1. You may have to manually edit the plugin file after installation, well, 80% … []