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Grid Archives 1.3.0

WordPress 3.2 is released today with “Refreshed Administrative UI”, “Full Screen Editor” i and a couple of other enhancements and bug-fixes.

To be fully compatible with this latest release, only a couple of minor tweaks ii was made in this grid archives 1.3.0 release.


  • tiny UI tweak in plugin admin setting page, make it compatible with the Refreshed Administative UI of wordpress 3.2.
  • make the plugin compatible with wordpress 3.2.

As always, please visit the plugin home page for more details.

  1. I really like the Consolas font in the editor []
  2. for the record, grid archives 1.2.0 is also fully functional with wordpress 3.2 []

Grid Archives 1.2.0

Continue with our CDD i process

As indicated in this comment, before 1.2.0 grid archives resource files (css, js etc) are loading on every page. This is actually a common plugin issue as that’s the default behavior of wordpress’s 2 API functions: wp_enqueue_script() and wp_enqueue_style().

To avoid loading resources on every page and thus improve the load speed of the whole site, Grid Archives 1.2.0 added an option to allow user to enable loading plugin resources only in specific pages and posts. The page/post name can be configured in the grid archives settings page.


  • added a option to enable load plugin resources only in specific pages and posts.


  1. Comment Driven Development []

Grid Archives 1.1.0

Grid Archives now seems work pretty good with the CDD (Comment Driven Development) process

This release is driven by this comment. As I said, the plugin is now totally driven by comments, so as always, thanks for these who trying this plugin out and giving back the precious feedback.

In this release, grid archives now support displaying posts from one specific category, just input [ grid_archives category=”Category name” ] i in your page/post, the category is the category name you want to display. For backward compatibility, the old [ grid_archives ] will still work and will still show all the posts as it did before.


  • added a shortcode category attribute to display articles under one specific category, grid-archives now support [ grid_archives category=”Category name” ]

Please visit the plugin home page for more details.

  1. remove the space after “[” and before “]” []

Grid Archives 1.0.1 & 1.0.2

2 minor issues found after 1.0.0 released. If you’ve already upgraded to 1.0.0, upgrade to 1.0.2 is highly recommended.


  • fixed a month date format display issue
  • made the plugin compatible with wordpress 3.1

Please visit this archives page to see a live demo.

Grid Archives 1.0.0

While post date format customization feature was added in 0.7.0, it now feels inconsistent and very annoying if month date format can not be customized. This release covered this issue.

Although 1.0.0 sounds like a major release, it actually adds only one feature as mentioned above If you have other feature requests, please feel free to leave comments.


  • added an option to customize the date display format for months

As always, please visit this archives page to see a live demo.


Grid Archives 0.9.0

Grid Archives 0.9.0 mainly focus on tweaking the archived posts display style, the changelog should pretty much covers all the changes need to be mentioned here.


  • added an option to highlight the post if being mouse hovered over. (IE currently not supported)
  • added an option to rotate the monthly summary if being mouse hovered over. (IE currently not supported)
  • made the “year.month” text clickable to show all the posts in that particular month.

As always, please visit the archives page here to see a live demo.


OpenExplorer Eclipse Plugin 1.2.0


长话短说,1.2.0 加入了打开当前编辑文件所在目录的功能,当然前提是当前正选中着 editor 区域,或者说焦点在编辑器里面。



Grid Archives 0.8.1

0.8.1 is just a compatible fix with other plugin, if you’re not using wp-footnotes, you don’t need to worry about upgrading.


  • fixed a compatible issue with wp-footnotes.

WordPress 豆瓣插件: douban-collections (豆瓣收藏) 0.9.0

最近我频繁的在豆瓣上收藏电影i,这是为了人为创造出我对 douban-collections 支持 movie 的需求… 好吧,anyway,我现在有需求了,所以豆瓣收藏就跟进了,不过目前本人暂还没有 music 的需求,所以以后等我人为创造一番后再说吧,哈哈……

[Live Demo]


  • 增加了电影收藏的支持 (可以创建新页面显示,也可以在原来的页面上通过加tag显示)
  • [ douban_collections ]增加了2个参数支持,分别为category和with_user_info,目前category支持book和movie,with_user_info支持true和false,为了向后兼容,[ douban_collections ] 默认为 [ douban_collections category=”book” with_user_info=”true” ] (注意ii )


  1. 想看,看过… []
  2. [,] 和 douban-collections 之间没有空格,我这儿人为加了空格,否则该post会被转义成插入豆瓣收藏页面 []

WordPress 豆瓣插件: douban-collections (豆瓣收藏) 0.8.0

Grid Archives 0.8.0开始支持css自定义,Douban Collections 自然也得迎头赶上…


  • 增加了用户自定义css显示样式的配置选项