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Ruby gem geoip and Rack::GeoIPCountry


Geolocation is the identification of the real-world geographic location of an Internet-connected computer, mobile device, website visitor or other.


Geolocation can be performed by associating a geographic location with the Internet Protocol (IP) address, MAC address, RFID, hardware embedded article/production number, embedded software number (such as UUID, Exif/IPTC/XMP or modern steganography), invoice, Wi-Fi connection location, or device GPS coordinates, or other, perhaps self-disclosed information.


ruby里面取到geo信息的一个相对方便的办法是使用rubygem geoip,虽然本质上还是使用maxmind的data,但是免去了编译和安装其c library的麻烦。
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ruby’s “python -m SimpleHTTPServer”

If I remembered right, the command below used to be the most voted one on

$ python -m SimpleHTTPServer

the “SimpleHTTPServer” module is written in python and it maybe called “the python way”, but that’s not our topic today. what we really want to do here is just making a ruby equivalent for this popular command, using rack.

first, make sure you have rack gem installed on your system (if you’ve installed rails 2.x before, you may already have it):

$ sudo gem install rack

confirm installation (Rack 1.0 should also work for our example):

$ rackup --version
Rack 1.1

alright, preparation is done, let’s start cooking. only a rackup file will be sufficient, for consistency, let’s just call it .

#!/usr/bin/env rackup
#\ -E deployment

use Rack::ContentLength

app = Dir.pwd
run app

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