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stdout customization


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<title>$ cat /dev/stdin >> /dev/stdout | tee</title>

change to whatever text you want.

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<div id="title" class="grid_24">$ cat /dev/stdin >> /dev/stdout | tee</div>
<div id="sub_title" class="grid_24">Don't Panic: fatal system error, core dump file not generated ...</div>

change to whatever text you want.
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stdout deployment

首先值得一提的是为了支持HostMonster的fastcgi,我人为copy了几个以raild -D生成的项目结构里面的dispatch文件以及create了一个.htaccess文件,如果你不用fastcgi(通常情况下你不需要,而且也不推荐),你可以简单的删除它们(以下RAILS_ROOT是指rails app的根目录):


[Development Environment]

首先update一下rubygems,最近rubygems貌似打了鸡血,更新极其频繁… 且bug具多…如果出了问题建议rollback到1.4.2…
[Note: 由于我使用rvm,所以以下command都没有sudo,根据你的情况你可能需要加上sudo]

$ gem update --system

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stdout on github

stdout, aka LoserLogs or LoserStream is finally on github, check out at .

The code is based on rails 2.3.11 instead of rails 3, quite a surprise, isn’t it? Actually I was planning to, but after some research, it turns out my shared host provider HostMonster only support rails 2 at the time of this writing, shame on them.

It was always quite enjoyable to figure this and that out in the process of curating that site, except the deployment experiences on HostMonster. To my surprise, they’re still using Fastcgi to support rails application, again, shame on them.

Last but not least, the project is called “LoserLogs” and copyrighted by “Losers” corporation, cause I and along with some of my friends are all having the “loser” faith in our heart, this is NOT a joke