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Grid Archives 1.7.0

As indicated in the comment here (thanks to Paul for the detailed information), there is a cache issue in Grid Archives 1.6.0 and above.

Version 1.7.0 addresses this issue so now you can have multiple instances/pages of grid archives running and showing different categories at the same time.

No screenshots available in this update since it’s just a cache fix, but I may add an option to enable/disable cache in the future release of Grid Archives. We will definitely have screenshots at that time for sure So, stay tuned~


  • fixed the cache issue
  • make the plugin compatible with wordpress 3.6

For more detailed information, please visit the plugin home page or click here to check out the live demo.

Grid Archives 1.6.0

As requested, this major release mainly address one issue/feature that grid archives should actually support in the very beginning, the sort direction option.

Before 1.6.0, all the posts are sorted in descending order by default and there seems to be no easy way to change this… but that pain will be history now, starting from now

To be compatible with previous versions, the default sort direction will remain as ‘desc’, so if you still want the month/post to be displayed in the descending order, as you wish.. you’re required to do nothing~ yay!


  • added an option to change the post sort direction (asec or desc)
  • make the plugin compatible with wordpress 3.4

As always, please visit the plugin home page for more details and click here to check out the live demo.

Grid Archives 1.5.1

After such a long time, Grid Archives seems definitely need some love. Sorry my old friend, I was really..really busy.

I mentioned I haven’t updated wordpress and plugins for quite a while before, now it’s not a problem anymore, cause I’ve bravely clicked that “Update Now” button i.

It’s glad to see Grid Archives still works properly. So with some small minor style changes, Grid Archives 1.5.1 is released.

I’m aware of that there’re still some issues to address. I will do address them… when I have some time.


  • minor css style changes
  • make the plugin compatible with wordpress 3.3

No big changes, but you can still verify it by navigating to the live demo page if you want.

  1. with backup, of course []

Grid Archives 1.5.0

Grid Archives 1.4.0 introduced a new display style called “compact”, which only supports year expand at that time.

Although this function will effectively reduce the length of the whole archive page if there are many years of articles, it still presents as a very long list page if there are many articles/posts in each year. To address this issue, 1.5.0 introduce a new month list view in “compact” mode.

It will be shown by default if “compact” mode is enabled, but you can always turn it off if you like. The month date format is also highly customizable.


  • added month list view in ‘compact’ mode, the page will smoothly scroll to that month if clicked
  • added an option to hide the month list, thus disable the scroll capability
  • added an option to customize the date display format for month list

See Archives of The Year for a live demo.

Grid Archives 1.4.1

This release mainly addresses some minor defects/issues in release 1.4.0, if you’ve already upgraded to 1.4.0, upgrade to 1.4.1 is highly recommended.


  • tweaked the year list display style
  • fixed an issue that the screen will scroll up to the top during year expand
  • only load ‘compact’ style required js in ‘compact’ mode, not ‘classic’ mode

Please visit this archives page (“compact” style) to see a live demo.

As always, please visit the plugin home page for more details.

Grid Archives 1.4.0

CDD i continues

Driven by this comment, grid archives now supports a new compact (expand) post display style (view live demo). As also indicated by the demo, currently only year expand is supported. I will add month expand capability later if it’s largely demanded.


  • added an compact (expand) display style
  • added 3 shortcode attributes (style, month_date_format, post_date_format), grid-archives now supports [ grid_archives style=”classic|compact” month_date_format=”Y.m” post_date_format=”j M Y” ]


For more details, please visit the plugin home page.

  1. Comment Driven Development []

WordPress 豆瓣插件: douban-collections (豆瓣收藏) 1.0.0


1. wordpress 3.2 release了;
2. grid archives 1.2.0 实现了一个只在某些page或post页面load资源文件 (css, js etc) 的feature,就如人家建议的,这个feature,douban collections也值得拥有;

[Live Demo]


  • 增加了一个只在某些特定页面load豆瓣收藏插件资源文件(css, js etc)的选项,从而相对减小其他页面的load时间
  • 在插件管理页面 (Plugin Admin UI) 做了很小的改动,从而和 wordpress 3.2 的新管理界面完全兼容
  • 使插件完全兼容 wordpress 3.2


Grid Archives 1.3.0

WordPress 3.2 is released today with “Refreshed Administrative UI”, “Full Screen Editor” i and a couple of other enhancements and bug-fixes.

To be fully compatible with this latest release, only a couple of minor tweaks ii was made in this grid archives 1.3.0 release.


  • tiny UI tweak in plugin admin setting page, make it compatible with the Refreshed Administative UI of wordpress 3.2.
  • make the plugin compatible with wordpress 3.2.

As always, please visit the plugin home page for more details.

  1. I really like the Consolas font in the editor []
  2. for the record, grid archives 1.2.0 is also fully functional with wordpress 3.2 []

Grid Archives 1.2.0

Continue with our CDD i process

As indicated in this comment, before 1.2.0 grid archives resource files (css, js etc) are loading on every page. This is actually a common plugin issue as that’s the default behavior of wordpress’s 2 API functions: wp_enqueue_script() and wp_enqueue_style().

To avoid loading resources on every page and thus improve the load speed of the whole site, Grid Archives 1.2.0 added an option to allow user to enable loading plugin resources only in specific pages and posts. The page/post name can be configured in the grid archives settings page.


  • added a option to enable load plugin resources only in specific pages and posts.


  1. Comment Driven Development []

Grid Archives 1.1.0

Grid Archives now seems work pretty good with the CDD (Comment Driven Development) process

This release is driven by this comment. As I said, the plugin is now totally driven by comments, so as always, thanks for these who trying this plugin out and giving back the precious feedback.

In this release, grid archives now support displaying posts from one specific category, just input [ grid_archives category=”Category name” ] i in your page/post, the category is the category name you want to display. For backward compatibility, the old [ grid_archives ] will still work and will still show all the posts as it did before.


  • added a shortcode category attribute to display articles under one specific category, grid-archives now support [ grid_archives category=”Category name” ]

Please visit the plugin home page for more details.

  1. remove the space after “[” and before “]” []